Cosmetic Clay Soap

Handmade soap

Cosmetic Clay Soap

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This Handmade Soap is blended with some of the most nutritious ingredients for your skin’s nourishment:
- Olive oil that is rich with minerals 
- coconut oil which hydrates your skin and makes the soap soft and foamy
- Shea which nourishes your skin with healthy and easily absorbed ingredients

Every piece of our soap has antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant effect  and cleanses, hydrates and nourishes your skin. 

Additional ingredient: cosmetic clay 

- Is best dry to normal skin
- White clay cleanses and hydrates skin and is used in skin care for face masks
- Has toning effect and is rich in nutrients
- Rejuvenates skin and prevents appearance of new wrinkles
- Is recommended as a body wash to tone your skin
- White clay is also used for damaged hair 
- Color of the red clay is due to the presence of iron and copper in its structure
- Is best for sensitive skin and is often used to heal allergies 
- Red clay is a rich nutrient that delivers healthy minerals to your skin and heals breakouts and skin rashes.

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*Non returnable items include: swimming costumes, underwear, socks and all types of cosmetics.

Handmade soap

Cosmetic Clay Soap